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How to Get a Quote

Log Home Care and Repair

How to Get a Quote

Since 1993 we have built our reputation by educating our customers, bidding fairly, communicating clearly, dealing honestly, and following through with our commitment to provide outstanding service.

Here is the initial process to follow if you want to contact us about your project so you know exactly what to expect:

Step 1. Contact Us

Fill out the contact form on our website or contact us directly at (800) 932-1275. If you would prefer to speak to or text the company owner directly, the cell number is 937-657-4565. Of course, if you are reading this because we have already spoken, or you have already responded through our website you can skip this step.

Step 2. We Will Call You Back, Usually Within One Day

You will not have to wait for weeks to hear back from us. You will hear from us promptly so we can plan to have a short talk (text, email, or phone, your choice) about your project, to see how we can best help. We will also request you send us photographs to better understand your project if you have not sent them already.

Step 3. Phone Consultation and Estimated Range of Costs

After receiving the photos, we will schedule a brief phone conversation to explore the variables of your project and more completely understand your desired results. When we have the necessary information and are on the same page, we will be able to provide a verbal range of costs during the call, and if you think we are a good fit, we will also schedule an on-site visit to review the details, provide an accurate cost proposal, and get your proposal into motion.

This phone consultation allows us to discuss the scope of work and range of costs others have encountered with projects similar to yours. We discuss the cost of your proposed project openly and our prices are honest and transparent.

Openly discussing the cost of log home maintenance is one significant way we differ from other contractors. There are few resources available to inform consumers as to the costs and options available for log home maintenance, yet few of us would consider any major purchase without researching these critical details. We believe in educating owners in all aspects of log home ownership including a range of what your project will cost.

If the range of cost is not within your budget, it is OK to tell us “No.” You aren’t going to hurt our feelings, as we value honesty above everything else. We’re here to serve you and if we’re not a good fit we can coach you on options that might include referrals to other contractors or providing advice on how to do-it-yourself.

Step 4. On-Site Visit and Consultation

At the on-site visit, we will confirm the measurements of your structures, take digital photographs and study access routes, water availability, repair issues and other specific project concerns, answer any questions you may have, make sure we did not miss anything during the phone consultation, and confirm the information for a final proposal.

As a consumer you deserve better than just an “estimate” before starting your project: we provide a detailed and accurate proposal that tells you precisely what our services will cost. Others may quote a low price to get your contract, then hit you with change orders and surprise costs when you least expect it, but we tell you precisely what the costs are with no unpleasant surprises later.

Our unique process allows us to be extremely thorough with both determining your needs and assuring your expectations are exceeded. In most cases your proposal will be sent to you within 3 days of the site visit.

Step 5. Getting Your Job onto the Calendar

The next step is scheduling your project. Although we often schedule projects several months in advance, our multiple crews provide the ability to be responsive to clients’ scheduling requirements and we sequence projects depending on client needs, weather patterns, location, and other variables. Meanwhile, we will stay in touch via phone and email to coordinate the details of your upcoming project.

Call us at: (800) 932-1275