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What We Do

Log Home Care and Repair

Log Home Maintenance Services

Since 1993 we have built our reputation by educating our customers, bidding fairly, communicating clearly, dealing honestly, and following through with our commitment to provide outstanding service.

  • Media Blast Surface Stripping
  • Chemical Finish Removal
  • Stain/Sealant Application
  • Borate Preservative Treatment
  • Carpenter Bee Mitigation
  • Chinking and Caulking Service
  • Log Restoration and Rot Repair
  • Thermal Image Infrared Testing
  • Annual Maintenance Programs
  • Approved PermaChink Applicator
Finish Removal

The best sealant won’t work without proper surface preparation, and our crews have the experience and specialized equipment to remove existing finishes, eliminate algae and mold growth, and complete professional application of high-performance log home sealants.

Sealant Application

Nothing impacts the appearance and resale value of a log home more than a properly maintained exterior surface. Your home’s “outer skin” is the first layer of defense from UV damage, water penetration and the log damage that can result. We can help select and apply the quality log home sealant best suited for your project needs.

Restoration & Repair

In spite of the owner’s best efforts, any log home can suffer damage from insect or moisture intrusion. If the damage can be identified early, there are remedial steps which can be taken immediately to prevent costly structural repairs at a later date. We repair damaged logs and wood surfaces, including logs that have internal “rot” and wood degradation. We also treat for Carpenter Bees and repair the damage these and other wood boring insects leave behind.

Chinking & Caulking

Your log home expands and contracts in response to seasonal and weather cycles that can affect the moisture content of the logs themselves. For this reason, specialized chinking and caulking products (as well as methods of application) have been developed specifically for the log home industry. We can either do this work for you or assist you in learning the proper way to do it yourself.

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