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Refinishing a Chinked Home

Refinishing a Chinked Home

Refinishing a chinked home requires a slightly different approach from the procedure typically followed for refinishing log-on-log construction. The issue is how to handle the chinking.

We have found the best way to refinish chinked (Appalachian) style log construction is to chemically strip existing finish from the entire structure exactly the same way we would any style of log home. The chemical strippers will not harm acrylic chinking; in fact, the cleaning action usually brightens it somewhat.

Acrylic finish is then used to reseal the entire home, including over the existing chinking. This assures complete encapsulation of the wood surfaces, with no voids between the chinking surface and the sealed edges.

Hand application of sealant, even with taped chink joints, can never assure absolute alignment and complete coverage of the wood due to the inexact nature of chink joint edges. By sealing the entire wall surface, complete coverage is accomplished.

When dry, the chink joints are hand painted using specially formulated elasticized acrylic chink paint in your choice of shades. Hand application allows the paint to closely follow and preserve the hand applied lines of the original chinking. This also allows the homeowner to give their log home a fresh, updated appearance by specifying a shade of chink color to compliment the new stain color.