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New Customer Guide to Product Testing

New Customer Guide to Product Testing

If stripping is required, we will provide sample stripping product for homeowner testing. For oil based and some other stain removal, a chemical stripper may specified. This citrus acid-based finish removal product should be generously applied to a test log (typically one log height, no more than about 12”-18” length is adequate).

Select a shaded area (don’t allow product to dry during the testing process) and test in an area that represents the healthiest stain on your home. A chemical stripper that works easily on degraded areas may not work adequately in protected areas of healthy stain such as near the soffit under a protected porch, so test on the “worst case” situation to make sure the selected stripping product is the right choice for the project.

Dwell time for chemical strippers can be anywhere from :10 minutes to 24 hours depending on the chemical. It is important not to allow this sample product to dry out during testing: some chemicals can be spritzed with water to stay activated and others stop working when water is introduced. Get specific advice for the chemical you are testing. The chemicals we specify and use are environmentally safe and if used according to label directions safe to work around. Effectiveness can be evaluated by wiping your finger through the gel to see how the product is working. At the conclusion of the testing time simply rinse. It is important to not use excessive force or scraping by mechanical means so we can properly determine the effectiveness of the chemical stripper on your existing finish.

For blasting projects, we may supply a different type of type chemical stripper, since replicating the blasting process requires specialized equipment and isn’t practical. This chemical stripper has a dwell time of anywhere up to 24 hours and will chemically remove multiple layers of paint or other sealant products. Apply the sample product thick enough to appear opaque. The purpose for testing this product on your home is remove a small area of finish for stain and topcoat sampling.

The selection of sealant type is more a matter of practical considerations, and we will make recommendations based upon your specific project requirements. If applying a maintenance coating of an existing finish, it is generally a simple matter of matching the original finish. If we are stripping an existing finish and applying an acrylic finish, we supply stain product samples at no cost for homeowner use during the color selection process.

Simply shake sample container to mix and brush apply a small swatch of each color under consideration. Once dry, many stains require a second identical application to reach the recommended two-coats. If your stain product requires a topcoat, test surface textures of each across the swatches to provide a realistic rendering of that product combination tested precisely where it matters most, on your home.