Easy Things for Log Home Owners to Reduce Maintenance Costs | Log Home Care Maintenance | Ohio Indiana Midwest Kentucky Michigan
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Easy Things for Log Home Owners to Reduce Maintenance Costs

Easy Things for Log Home Owners to Reduce Maintenance Costs

1.) Wash your home if you have an acrylic finish. Just like your car gets dirty, the surface of your home collects dirt that contributes to mildew growth which will cause discoloration and begin to break down the stain. Acrylic finishes can be washed with Perma-Chink Log Wash which can be applied by the homeowner or contractor. Oil based finishes can also be cleaned in the same manner however care must be taken to avoid removal of the finish product while cleaning.

2.) Inspect your home. Walk around it with a critical eye on the stain, caulking, and chinking. If you see surface concerns, contact a log home services contractor to resolve minor issues before they become major ones.

3.) Clean your gutters. This is one of the most critical areas of log home maintenance. Properly functioning gutters channel water off the roof and away from the home. Improper (or non-existent) gutters are a major cause of log rot.

4.) Trim shrubbery back at least two feet from log and foundation walls to allow air to circulate. Keeping these surfaces dry helps prevent mold, algae, and mildew growth. This also keeps branches from rubbing on and damaging the log finish. Also, tree branches that extend over or onto the roof can be pathways for insect activity on the logs.

5.) Consider planting some shade trees. The sun causes a great deal of damage to all building materials and properly placed trees can shade your home, protect the finish on the logs and even reduce your energy bills.

6.) Inspect your roof. This may require assistance to safely accomplish but your roof is an important line of defense against the weather. It needs to be inspected at least every other year, especially at all penetration points such as chimneys, vents, and fans. Also pay careful attention to valleys and all flashing.

7.) Pay attention to vents. These are important because they remove excess moisture from your home. Moisture is created every time you cook, shower, or do laundry. Bathroom vents often fail because of lint or dust accumulation on the small flapper valve in the fan housing, preventing it from properly sealing. The vent on your clothes dryer should be cleaned regularly to prevent fires and to ensure that moisture from drying clothes is removed from your home.

8.) Stop laundry room leaks. While behind your dryer cleaning the vents look at the hoses that connect your washer to the plumbing. Damaged lines can be replaced with braided metal covered ones from the hardware store. Even braided hoses age so it is recommended washer hoses be replaced when they are ten years old as broken washer hoses are a common cause of floods in the home.

9.) Consider a home energy audit. Most log homes can be as energy efficient as any home but, like any structure, they can have faults which can easily and inexpensively be corrected. Advances in technology and materials can also make older log homes perform better for very little cost. A qualified log home services contractor can come into your home and perform tests to give you information about your home regarding insulation, air-tightness and solutions for resolving any issues discovered during the energy audit process.